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Islamic Story
Islamic Story

Running from The Ṣalaah

Running from The Ṣalaah

A Bedouin prayed behind an ’Imaam who was reciting the verse, "Did We not destroy the first ones?" [The Qur’an: Al-Mursalaat, 77:16] The Bedouin happened to be in the first row, and upon hearing that verse, he moved to a row that was further behind.

The ’Imaam then recited, "Then We will follow them with the later ones." [The Qur’an: Al-Mursalaat, 77:17] The Bedouin then moved to another row.

Next, the ’Imaam recited this verse, "Therefor do We deal with the Mujrimun (polytheists, disbelievers, sinners, criminals, etc.)!!" [The Qur’an: Al-Mursalaat, 77:18] The Bedouin, whose name happened to be Mujrim, ran away from the congregation, saying, "By Allah, I am his target." When some other Bedouins met him, they said, "What is the matter, O Mujrim?" He said, "Indeed, the ’Imaam destroyed the first ones and then the last ones, and he wanted to destroy me as well. By Allah, I do not want to see him after this day."


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