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Allah does exist
Shia (Isaiah) - Isaiah and Hezekiah
Shia (Isaiah) - Allah Grants More Life to Hezekiah
Shia (Isaiah) - Allah Destroys Hezekiah's Enemies
Musa (Moses) - The Story of the Israelites and the Cow
Musa (Moses) - The Israelites after Pharaoh's Defeat
Musa (Moses) - The Perishing of Pharaoh and His Army
Musa (Moses) - The Situation after Moses is Proven Right
Musa (Moses) - The Story of Moses
Lut (Lot) - Angels Come to Meet Lot
Lut (Lot) - Description of the People of Sodom
Idris (Enoch) - Birth and Teachings
Dawud (David) - Saul Plots to Kill David
Dawud (David) - Daivd is Granted the Language of Animals
Dawud (David) - David Becomes a Prophet
Dawud (David) - David and Goliath Fight
Dawud (David) - David Challenges Goliath
Yunus (Jonah) - Summary of Jonah's Story
Yunus (Jonah) - The Whale Swallows Jonah
Yunus (Jonah) - The Storm at Sea
Yunus (Jonah) - The People are Forgiven
Yunus (Jonah) - Jonah Leaves His People
Yunus (Jonah) - Description of Jonah's People
Salih (Salih) - Salih's Story - Condensed Qur'anic Version
Salih (Salih) - The Disbelievers' Plot to Kill the She-Camel
Salih (Salih) - The Disbelievers' Hatred for Salih
Salih (Salih) - Salih's People Demand a Miracle
Hud (Hud) - Hud's Appeal to His People - Qur'anic
Hud (Hud) - Commentary - Hud's Appeal to His People
Hud (Hud) - Description of Hud
Hud (Hud) - Description of the People of Ad
Ismail (Ishmael) - Tidings of Isaac - Qur'anic
Ismail (Ishmael) - Abraham and Ishmael (PBUT) - the Sacrifice
Ismail (Ishmael) - Mecca is Settled - by Ibn Abbas
Ismail (Ishmael) - Ishmael's Wives
Ismail (Ishmael) - Mecca is Settled - Told by Prophet Muhammad
Ismail (Ishmael) - Hajar Sees Zam-zam - by Prophet Muhammad
Ismail (Ishmael) - Hajar and Ishmael - by Ibn Abbas
Ismail (Ishmael) - Abraham Leaves Hajar and Ishmael
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Abraham Emigrates
Ibrahim (Abraham) - The Faith of the Believers
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Abraham Questions Resurrection
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Abraham's Dialogue with Namrud
Ibrahim (Abraham) - The Celestial Worshippers' Arguments
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Abraham's Childhood
Ibrahim (Abraham) - The Idolaters Try to Burn Abraham
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Abraham Reasons With His Father
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Abraham Reasons with the Celestial Worshippers
Ibrahim (Abraham) - Hadith About Abraham , Sarah, and Hajar
Shuaib (Shuaib) - Shuaib's Message