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Islamic Story
Islamic Story

Prophet Hud (a)

Prophet Hud (a)
A long time ago,
a great tribe lived in the
South of Arabia.
They were called Ad.
They were very clever and
could do many things.
They used the mountains
for their homes.
They carved out great mansions
with wonderful pillars.
They called their city Iram.
It was very famous.
As time went on,
the people of Ad
thought more about themselves
and less about Allah.
They thought they
didn't need Allah,
because they had
lots of money
and power.

They thought they were
being clever but really
they were foolish.
Before long they turned
to bad ways.
Gangs of them used to
rob and kill people
travelling by.
There was still one good man
among them.
His name was Hud.
He did not belong to any of
the gangs.
He did not agree
with the things they did.
He tried to tell them
to stop their bad ways
and told them
to follow Allah's ways.
Hud said Allah would punish
the bad ones but most of the
people still would not listen.
They thought they were
more clever than
the messenger of Allah.
Allah told Hud to take all the
good people into a big cave
near the city. The very next
day a terrible tornado
came and only the
good ones,
the ones who had
were saved.


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